UNUM is the all-in-one app for planning, publishing, and gaining insight for your digital content. Focused initially on perfecting your Instagram feed, UNUM is quickly expanding to be a storytelling hub bringing the best designers, brands, and influencers together.
Trojan Storage identifies opportunities to apply strong demographic research and intellectual capital to the self‐storage industry that was generally void of such characteristics. The company purchases underperforming properties or develops new sites where a successful operating strategy can be employed.
Cloudsmith is a unique technology firm that is part product strategy and management consultancy paired with an extensive offshore development operation. The firm focuses on providing multi-tenant cloud solutions to its customers on a contract basis, incubating its own new software ventures, and acting as a technical co-founder to software startups.
YogaClub was founded on the belief that great yoga gear shouldn’t have to cost you a fortune. Their team of expert stylists hand curate cute outfits from the best brand names in yoga apparel - delivered with love to your doorstep for 50% off retail prices. YogaClub combines the best of personalized online shopping with brand discovery and serious money savings.